Eastern Green Pre-School Play Group

Unique Reference Number (URN): EY258730

Inspection date 16 October 2015
The quality and standards of the early years provision

This inspection:   Outstanding 1         (Previous inspection: Outstanding 1)

Effectiveness of the leadership and management Outstanding 1

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Outstanding 1

Personal development, behaviour and welfare Outstanding 1

Outcomes for children Outstanding 1

Summary of key findings for parents:  This provision is outstanding

Leadership and management are superior in evaluating practice and securing continuous improvement. Staff are highly motivated to extend their knowledge and skills. Teaching is highly effective and children’s different care and learning needs are always met.

Observation and precise assessment, with the involvement of parents, leads to planning for future learning that is based on a comprehensive knowledge of the child and their family. Children with disabilities and those with special educational needs are supported excellently by staff who are fully committed to maintaining the highest-quality provision.

A rich-learning environment contributes significantly to the rapid progress that children make.

Staff continually support children’s communication and language development with full effect. They encourage children to think and extend their vocabulary. Children who are developing speaking skills benefit greatly from communication through signing.

Children’s social and emotional needs are exceptionally well met by staff. Relationships are excellent, fostering a sense of belonging and ensuring that children are confident learners.

Staff are fully aware of their role and responsibilities in protecting children from harm. Their knowledge of the signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect is excellent and regular training on safeguarding children is given a very high priority.

Parents share extremely positive views. They comment on the knowledgeable and caring staff, communication systems, and the progress that their children make.

The inspector observed activities in the indoor and outdoor play areas.

The inspector held meetings with the manager, and spoke to staff and children at appropriate times during the inspection.

The inspector conducted observations of the activities and evaluated the teaching methods with the manager.

The inspector looked at a selection of children’s records, policies and procedures and a range of other documentation.

The inspector checked evidence of staff members’ suitability, qualifications and training.

The inspector spoke to parents during the inspection and took account of their views and the written views of other parents.

Inspector Jan Burnet

Inspection findings
Effectiveness of the leadership and management is outstanding
The manager and staff have an excellent knowledge of the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and implement them with maximum positive impact. Safeguarding arrangements are fully effective. The manager successfully monitors the effectiveness of all aspects of the provision. Professional development and training are given a high priority and two staff members are working towards qualifications at level 6. Recent training resulted in a review of the provision for two-year-olds. A toddler area has been developed to fully support these younger children’s development. The process of self-evaluation is highly effective in incorporating the views of parents, staff and other professionals to set targets for further improvement.
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding
Children are exceptionally well supported to reach the next stage in their learning. Staff have an excellent knowledge and understanding of how each child develops and learns and planning for learning is tailored to individual needs. Excellent partnerships are fostered with parents and other professionals to support children’s progress. A wide range of activities and experiences enable children to develop the essential skills needed to become confident and independent. When they arrive they excitedly explore and then make decisions about what to play with. Children’s communication and language development is continually enhanced. They spontaneously use mathematical language while they play. Small-group times are extremely well organised so that different needs are met. For example, a small group of two-year-olds are encouraged to explore and talk about items they discover inside a basket. Children’s manipulative skills are good and pencil control is developing well.
Personal development, behaviour and welfare are outstanding
Superior care practices ensure that children are emotionally secure. A gradual settling-in period is agreed with parents in accordance with their child’s needs. Overall, children’s good health is promoted extremely well. They learn about healthy eating, enjoy their learning in a stimulating outdoor area and they are physically active. They practise control of their bodies while they move imaginatively and energetically to music. However, they are not consistently supported in understanding the change to how their bodies feel after this kind of activity. Children behave well. They are encouraged to express their feelings, such as sad or happy, while they sit together in their key-person group. Their self-confidence is continually fully supported by staff who never fail to identify their efforts, achievements and positive behaviour.
What the setting needs to do to improve further
To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:
extend support for children to more consistently learn the effects of activity on their bodies.

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