What does my Child need?

Sensible shoes/trainers.   Please do not send your child to playgroup wearing heels or open toed sandals as this causes a hazard when playing on the climbing equipment.

Appropriate clothing, your child may get messy and although we provide aprons for messy activities such as painting, children do have the tendency to find the only bit of clothing not covered.

We do like to encourage the wearing of playgroup sweatshirts and/or polo shirts which are available  at The Schoolwear Company in 55 Winsford Av, Coventry, CV5 9JG, 024 7671 3105. These are easily washable and leave your child free to explore and experiment.

Clothing which is easy for your child to manage when toileting i.e.: no belts or braces.

Children should not wear unnecessary jewellery. Jewellery is not our responsibility and can be dangerous to your child or other children, it can be caught or pulled off and scatter beads that could be swallowed. Earrings studs only should be worn as hoops can be caught and damage ears.


The children are taken outside to play on a daily basis, so please ensure that during the summer your child brings a sun hat preferably with a neck cover and during the colder weather your child has a coat and if needed hat and gloves.

Please supply a pair of wellies.

Please apply sun cream before arriving for morning sessions. For children who stay for full daycare sun block (named and provided by the child’s Parent/Carers) will be applied prior to the child going out into the sunshine after lunchtime although a light long sleeved shirt or blouse is good cover to the arms. (Outside play will be limited in very hot weather) Sun block must be put in the labelled basket in the entrance hall. You will be asked to sign a consent form for sun cream .Under no circumstances should sun block be left in bags.